Hannah O'Gorman
Hannah O'Gorman

'Hometown Sad Song'

Engineer, Mixing, Accompaniment, Mastering

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Dirty Princess
Stray Pines Sessions Ep.4

Engineer, Mixing, Directing, Production

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Engineer, Mixing

Steve Itterly
'Hook's in the Water
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Brett Sisun Group

'The Ball'

Engineer, Mixing

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Jeremy James Meyer

'Gypsy Moth'

Engineer, Mixing, Lighting, Video

A Starling Curve

'A Starling Curve EP'

Engineer, Mixing

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Alden & The Ambiance


Engineer, Mixing

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Ah God-
Stray Pines Sessions Ep.3

Engineer, Mixing, Directing, Production

The Van Rontens


Engineer, Mixing

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Engineer, Mixing, Production

Handmade Moments-
Stray Pines Sessions Ep.2
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Louder Oceans

'Legends of The Liger'

Engineer, Mixing, Video Production, Lighting

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Caitlin Jemma-
Stray Pines Sessions Ep.1

'All Night'

Engineer, Mixing, Directing, Video Production, Lighting

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Alden & The Ambiance

Remi-Ramona, Stairs

Engineer, Mixing

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